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Yep, you read that right.. that actually happened.

Pokimane vs. Fedmyster – Lovers' Quarrel... Kind Of

Pokimane and Fedmyster
Well... that escalated quickly. (Image Credit: Offline TV & Friends YouTube)

This Pokimaster and Fedmyster Drama went from 0 to 100 real quick. First, we don't even know that that was a thing and then they both come out with all these super cringy receipts. It's like YouTube Drama, but Twitch. Here is a breakdown of what has happened, everything you need to know right here!

Soooo, who of you had an inkling that this might be a thing? Certainly not us.

Pokimane Had a Boyfriend!

Well... sort of. Because that situation is a lot messier than you'd think.

This is the story about a girl named Poki and a guy named Fed.

Let's backtrack a little before we get into all the juicy bits.

Many of you will remember Fedmyster as a former member of Offline TV. He got kicked out a few months ago due to an incident that had happened between him and another member of Offline TV, Yvonne. Apparently, he got really drunk one night and ended up in bed with Yvonne, grabbed her hand, and kissed it, even touched the side of her chest (not her breasts, thankfully). All in all, he just made her really uncomfortable.

After news of this came out, Fedmyster took a step back from the internet, only to come back on November 25 with a leaked document, that shook everyone. A document of 25 PAGES!

Part of the document was about the incident between him and Yvonne, trying to explain the situation - though that kind of backfired, another part was him telling everyone in what kind of place he had been these last months... but what really shocked the streamer industry, was that one part.

Pokimane and Fedmyster
Get yourself some tea, we're about to SPILL IT! (Image Credit: Offline TV & Friends YouTube)

The Poki Part

Fed and Poki got close on their Taiwan trip in 2018 and whatever they were at that time, continued on afterward.

At least for a little bit.

There were too many conflicts of interest surrounding their "relationship" (such as having the same manager at the time), so they decided to slow things down. That was a punch in the gut for Fed because he had thought that whatever was developing between the two, could be real.

Nevertheless, even after that talk, the two of them continued to be flirty with each other.

Prepare for the cringe, guys.

Pokimane and Fedmyster leaked texts
Rawr, that is so friggin cute, omfg, please stahp, I'm blushiiiiiing. EW. (Image Credit: Fedmyster Document)

As you can see, despite Poki being the one to take a step back from the "relationship", they continued to be flirty with each other. Fed makes it seem like she was leading him on in that document. If she wanted this to stop, shouldn't she have toned down these messages too?

Anyways, as we said before, the document is 25 pages long and the most important thing you need to know is: Fedmyster says Poki hurt him and he says he's not the guy that everyone thinks he is.

There, we summed it up for you.

And just as we finished reading through THE FREAKING 25 PAGES, Poki releases her own Google Doc (which was - fortunately for us - only 11 pages).

Pokimane's Document "RE: Fed"

Think of this document as an Uno Reverse card.

First of all, Fed's "leaked" document? Apparently not leaked at all. Fed knew that this document was floating around, Poki had even seen the document and had told Fed that he needed to take care of this. He said he would, but as you can see, he never did.

Poki told her side of the story, of how Poki told Fed in May of 2018 that she wanted to stay friends, nothing more - though these messages from before... anyways.

She also talks about the whole Yvonne situation, about how she didn't know the full context of what has happened between her and Fed, and that when she found out, she got extremely angry with Fed (especially because Fed kept complaining to Poki about Yvonne).


We will never know the truth of what has truly happened between them. Nor of who is more at fault and who is to blame more.

This is the perfect example of a: He said, she said situation. It's a lover's quarrel that should have never been made public.

But who knows what the reason behind it was.

After all... who wouldn't want some easy clout.

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