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Newegg has the hookup

You Can Order a PS5 or Xbox Series X on Launch Day via Newegg

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
Do you want a PS5 or Xbox Series X? (Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft)

Are you looking for a PS5? Maybe you are an Xbox fan instead and what that sweet Series X? Well, Newegg claims they will have the next-gen consoles available for order! We go over the details here.

Literally, the question is asked every day! Where can I buy a next-gen console? Well, if you didn’t preorder it there is a slim chance you can get your hands on one. But you may be in luck! Recently the well-known computer vendor Newegg dropped a bombshell on Twitter!

That’s right set your clocks, get in front of your PC, and get ready to spam refresh on your web browser! Some next-level tips would be to already have a Newegg account ready with all your shipping and billing information saved and also set a payment method and have your PayPal pre-logged in to minimize the order time. It will be first come first serve and likely to sell out instantly as the clock rolls over to 12:01 AM.

The Xbox Series X will launch on November 10, 2020. And the PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12, 2020. Newegg will limit it to one per customer for each system so you could theoretically order one of each.

Good luck with clicking and buying your next-gen console! If you make it through the check-out fast enough maybe you can secure an Xbox Series X or PS5 on launch day.

EarlyGame will keep an eye on the net and let you know if any more news develops.