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Well, let’s hope it’ll be better than the last!

New Battlefield to Launch in Late 2021!

New Battlefield
Don't let us down, DICE. (Image Credit: Origin)

EA is planning to launch at least six new games for the next-gen consoles and one of them will be none other than the new Battlefield!

It’s been two years since DICE and EA have released Battlefield V, a game for which opinions between fans were split in half, with them either hating or loving it.

But no matter what side you were on then, you can get excited now, because, in a fiscal 2021 earnings call from EA, they announced that a new Battlefield game will be coming very soon. Holiday of 2021 to be exact!

According to EA, DICE is creating the new Battlefield game with a “never-before-seen scale”, a promise from EA CEO Andrew Wilson that especially those who were disappointed by Battlefield V should be glad to hear.

In fact, they seem to have already worked on quite a large portion of the game, since they’ve already entered the stages of “hands-on playing testing”. But since they’ve announced that they want to give fans a first glimpse of the game in spring of 2021 already - which is only a few months away folks! - that should be no surprise.

Since this is a fiscal earnings call, the report obviously focuses on the money aspects of the upcoming games published by EA, and reading between the lines, it seems like they are putting a lot of faith in the new Battlefield. That is especially important to remember because they had been so disappointed by what Battlefield V had brought in.

So, let’s hope that EA and DICE have read at least some of those reddit posts of disappointed fans and will deliver a game that almost everyone will be happy with.

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