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If you want a chance to win some cool stuff every month, continue reading!

MyEarlyGame Monthly Giveaway (March 2021)

MyEarlyGame Monthly Giveaway (March 2021)
It's free stuff, guys, all you have to do is sign up to MyEarlyGame!

MyEarlyGame, your personalized EarlyGame experience, is having its next monthly giveaway. For a chance to win something each month, here is what you need to do.

Are you missing that special something in your routine of catching up on gaming news? Want to make "your own gaming news website?"

EarlyGame is where you’ll find it: with MyEarlyGame.

MyEarlyGame Monthly Giveaway (March 2021)
So much stuff... ALL FOR YOU!

MyEarlyGame is your own personal source for gaming news. You love League of Legends or Cyberpunk but hate CS:GO or Call of Duty and are tired of being spammed with games that you dislike? No worries, by signing up to MyEarlyGame, you’ll get to personalize EarlyGame to your likes and turn it into MyEarlyGame. Only see the games that you’re interested in and browse our website ad-free!

And to sweeten the deal even further: when you sign up for MyEarlyGame, you’ll get access to our exclusive MyEarlyGame giveaways that we are hosting each month!

Since EarlyGame is growing and we want to make MyEarlyGame the best possible website for YOU (future MyEarlyGame content includes bookmarking articles (My List), exclusive events, and extra product features) we'd love to hear from you on our Discord. There's a designated "MyEarlyGame" tab where you can put in your suggestions of features that you'd like to see on MyEarlyGame in the future.

How to join

To enter our giveaways, you simply have to sign up for MyEarlyGame and you’ll automatically be registered in our giveaways. For the following months, you will not have to do a single thing, you’ll automatically be part of future giveaways as long as you stay with MyEarlyGame.

Pretty cool and simple, right?


For this month, we will pick three winners at random from our pool of MyEarlyGamers that signed up:

  • #1 place: Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse & Roccat Kanga Gaming Mouse Pad
  • #2 place: A gift voucher/In-Game currency worth €25
  • #3 place: A gift voucher/In-Game currency worth €15

As we mentioned before, we will take it up a notch each month and will have multiple giveaways related to MyEarlyGame. You won't miss any of them if you sign up, guys!

This giveaway will end on March 31st.