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You Must Play These PS Plus Collection Games on PS5!


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The PS5 launch was not exactly what you would call a peachy experience. There were issues with supply & demand and all that stuff. But it’s not all bad. At least not for PS Plus subscribers.

If you have a PS Plus membership and, of course, a PS5, then you could enjoy your labor in the form of the PS Plus Collection. This fine selection puts together no less than 20 AAA PS4 titles for you to enjoy on the PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility.

We can safely say that every single one of these video games has the qualities needed to fill up some of your time and turn a dull afternoon into a joy ride, an exciting adventure... or a gory bloodbath. Hey, we won’t judge!

Whether you are a fan of the first, the second, or the third type of afternoons, our list of the top 5 PS Plus Collection video games that you need to play on the PS5 should have you covered. It will mostly have you covered in blood, but it’ll have you covered nonetheless.

Are you ready for a journey through uncharted territories where you’re going to meet mythological beasts? Are you willing to make the tough choices and deal a fatality to those who deserve it? If you are, then let’s not stall this any longer and dive deep into the top 5 must-play PS Plus Collection titles!

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