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A lot of words were said during that stream

xQc Gets Mad Over Forsen Breaking the Minecraft Speedrun Record

xQc went at Forsen
xQc did not take Forsen's Minecraft speedrun record very well. (Credit: xQc via YouTube)

Félix "xQc" Lengyel is not one known to shy away from controversy. The Canadian has stepped in the limelight in a questionable manner this week by spouting curse words at another streamer that broke his Minecraft speedrun record. The object of hate? Swedish streamer Sebastian "Forsen" Fors.

After Forsen beat xQc's current Minecraft speedrun record of 28:10, xQc went berzerk, calling the new record and the way it was achieved "shameless". If you think that's bad, well, you should know that there were much harsher words uttered.

xQc Mad at Forsen Breaking His Minecraft Speedrun Record

The reason xQc lost it is because he's xQc. What triggered the emotional Canadian this time is Forsen setting a new Minecraft speedrun record of 27:49, or rather the way he did it. The thing is, Forsen died. While it technically counts, there is an obvious asterisk to the achievement.

The previous record-holder spat all kinds of slurs and was visibly upset. Finally, he concluded that the non-deathless record has fallen, but that the speedrun ultimately doesn't count. Whether or not you agree with xQc is all up to you, but it does feel kind of shitty to watch a man lose it in such manner while another is trying to enjoy his big moment.

We take the competitive spirit into account here, but this just oozes poor sportsmanship.

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