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Probably not, but one can dream, right?

Is Joe Biden Secretly a Mario Kart God?

Joe Biden Gamer President
That's the smile of someone who just hardcarried his team (Credit: dpa/Matt Slocum)

President Joe Biden was recently seen playing Mario Kart against his niece Naomi Biden. She posted a picture, showing them facing each other in an arcade version of the racing game. And you guys thought Ace Watkins was your only chance at getting a gamer president...

In one of her Instagram-stories Naomi Biden, the president’s granddaughter showed a picture of her competing against Joe. The two of them played Mario Kart, but not one of those watered-down Nintendo ones... Nah, President Joe Biden went old-school-cool and played an arcade version of the game.

Because we at EarlyGame take everything related to gaming very seriously, here is what we could extrapolate from this tweet:

Naomi says Joe Biden is rusty. That must mean Joe used to be even better than he is now. Maybe he used to be a Mario Kart pro and we just haven’t found out. What if Joe used to be one of those kids that earned his lunch-money by beating others in arcade games. Actually, that's unlikely, considering his family is filthy rich.

But how good is he really? Let’s start with his opposition. Naomi said he ‘barely won’. Since she openly admitted her defeat in a video game, she is probably not a real gamer. Let’s face it, most of us would have threatened our grandparents to never ever speak about such a shameful defeat.

Remember also, that we got to hear the loser's side of the story. The added ‘(barely)’ could be Naomi downplaying how bad the defeat really was. Just like my older brother was ‘barely stronger’ than me.

So that begs a few questions: Is Joe Biden the gamer president we’ve been waiting for our entire life? What other games is the POTUS good at? Will we ever see a Joe Biden Ryze skin in LoL? Or a Joe Biden Operator in CS:GO?

Do we at EarlyGame take this a little too seriously? Probably, but what did you expect, after #Berniesmittens this could be the next great meme!


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