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Industry Intel: PS5 Sold Out, BlizzCon is FREE!

BlizzCon 2021

Admittedly, BlizzConline is an awkward name (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Another week passed so fast and many things happened in the gaming industry. Of course, we won’t be listing them all: this is Industry Intel, a lightning-fast round of nothing but the highlights from the money side of video games. Let’s go, go, go!

PS5 Already Sold Out In Japan

Sony must be blasting “Big In Japan” by Alphaville right now because pre-orders of their flashy new machine are going strong. So strong, in fact, that reportedly the PS5 is already sold out in Japan. While a hardware shortage is not what we like to see, Sony is probably absolutely right in its decision not to run big launch events or release more stock to avoid people getting in big crowds during the pandemic.

Nintendo Switch Sales Hits 70 Million

Another Japanese console, the Switch has had an amazing year, seeing an almost 80% year-to-year increase in sales. Right now, the Switch and the Switch Light combined stand at 68.3m lifetime sales and it’s not even holiday season yet.

BlizzConline Will be FREE for Everyone

We are not shocked about that one, but it’s very nice to finally get an official corporation from Anaheim. Since there was no BlizzCon 2020, the next installment in the series is set for February 19-20, 2021. The “big virtual celebration”, as president J. Allen Brack put it, will be accessible to gamers everywhere and showcase announcements, trailers, and interesting surprises.

This time there will be no $40 virtual ticket - a fee that even not physically attending fans had to pay for the previous events if they wanted to get all the digital loot that comes with every BlizzCon.

Speaking of Activision Blizzard…

The company made $1.2b in microtransactions in the last quarter. Again, that’s “b” as in “billion”. The large sum is an increase from the previous period when the gaming giant “only” brought in $709 million. That’s what happens when gamers are stuck home.

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