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Industry Intel: Nintendo To Open Theme Park, Cyberpunk’s Multiplayer Is Big

Super Nintendo World Osaka Japan
Super Nintendo World in Osaka, Japan (Image Credit: Nintendo)

Another 7 days have passed since our last report, so it’s time for another Industry Intel, EarlyGame’s weekly overview of major events in the video game industry. This time we’re looking at the future with a few announcements for December, and some for next year. Let’s go!


Cyberpunk Promises Even More Greatness

As the fabled release date of December 10 is approaching, CD Projekt Red’s 2077-ton hype train is doing nothing but pick-up speed. In a recent report to shareholders, the Polish company CEO Adam Kiciński explained that Cyberpunk’s multiplayer mode is not simply a variation on the main gameplay, but a completely separate product, with a dedicated development process. The thing is, in his own words, “a big production”. It will be connected to the main storyline, of course, but offer a different experience. Apparently, the thing also has a dedicated team of developers who are working on future support with more features and content.

In other news, Kiciński has also stated that CDPR are very happy with the way Cyberpunk runs on the PS4 and Xbox One. If you recall, poor performance on previous-gen was stated as the main reason for the games (hopefully!) last delay. Sure, the graphical fidelity is “a bit lower”, but by the looks of it, the studio has done their homework and optimized their masterpiece so everyone can enjoy it even on an old machine.

Speaking of Consoles…

Microsoft has stated that gaming is a main focus of their strategy. CEO Satya Nadella explained that they plan to prevail in the console war by offering better content, community features, and availability. They are going for the “play anything, anywhere, with everyone” approach, instead of platform-locked exclusives or tech gimmicks.

Looks like Sony is going for a focus on single player instead. Leaked documentation meant for developers that was distributed last year included information that PS4 users spent much more time playing offline, and indicating that not knowing how to do something, or how long it would take, is a major concern. This is probably the reason so much effort was put into the Activities functionality of the PlayStation 5.

Super Nintendo World to Reopen on February 21

Did you know that Nintendo built a whole theme park in Osaka, Japan? The massive attraction was supposed to open this summer, but obviously, the global pandemic made this impossible. This week we got news that the park will open doors on February 4, 2021.

Mario fans will be able to roam a real-life Mushroom Kingdom and experience cool things like Mario Kart AR. A Donkey Kong area is also under construction and should be ready by the time fans from all over the world go visit. Other Nintendo-based attractions are planned to open in Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore at a later date.

That's all for now! Come back next Friday for another Industry Intel - we do these every 7 days!

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