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Industry Intel: Cyberpunk Can Get You A Free Gaming System

Industry intel cyberpunk can get you a free console

Night City is dark and full of spoilers (Image Credit: CD Projekt Red)

It’s been another week, and it’s time for another Industry Intel - a quick summary of the business side of video games. What do we have this week? Xbox? Check. PS5? Check. Cyberpunk 2077? Check! What else did you expect?

Cyberpunk May Be Leaked And/Or Get You A Free Stadia

First, the good news. Google keeps pushing its aggressive marketing campaign for Stadia, their streaming service for games. Up until December 17, or “until supplies last”, anyone who buys Cyberpunk 2077 for Stadia will be eligible to receive the Stadia Premiere kit for free. The hardware bundle contains the Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra and usually goes for $100. Looks like Google really, really wants players to play the most hyped game of the year on their own platform, and who’s to blame them!

Now, the not so good news. Looks like retail copies of Cyberpunk are already out there in the hands of gamers. The game is still set to release on December 10 (after the latest in a long series of changing dates), but people are already playing through the content. If you want to experience the game as intended, be very careful where and what you browse prior to release. There might be huge spoilers out there!

Video credit: Cyberpunk 2077

PS5 Fixes Download Queue Issue

PS5 owners have been reporting really annoying download bugs and so far the only solution was to factory reset the machine and then reinstall all your software. Looks like Sony has found a solution that only requires booting the console in safe mode, then all the databases are rebuilt. Looks like this will do the trick from now on.

Microsoft To Fix Performance Problems

Gaming and tech media, as well as benchmark enthusiasts everywhere, have been noticing and reporting that certain games, including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, have been running significantly worse on Microsoft’s new gaming machines, than on PS5. This week, the Xbox makers publicly acknowledged these performance hiccups and stated that they’ll be working closely with game studios to conjure up a fix. The Xbox is technically better than PS5, so it looks like a lot of optimization is left to be done.

Video credit: Ubisoft via IGN

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Addresses Performance As Well

And to top off the performance topic for the week, Ubisoft has also been doing some. A new patch for the Viking open-world epic makes sure players can enjoy a consistent 60FPS experience on all consoles, and for those who want to marvel at the vistas, there’s a “quality mode” that cranks up all the beauty, while making sure the framerate doesn’t drop below 30. Hey, more options are always welcome!

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