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The Ikea Gaming Furniture Looks Sick!

Ikea gaming furniture chair
That looks pretty clean! (Credit: Ikea)

On January 29th six brand-new Ikea collections hit the Chinese market. They are branded as Ikea gaming furniture and are supposed to cater to, well, gamers. One of said collections was developed in close collaboration with Asus. Starting from October the collections will be available to the rest of the world.

Finally! Some new 'gaming' products. You know gaming has become mainstream, when giant companies like Ikea release products like gaming furniture. Goodbye stereotypes. Gaming isn’t just a hobby for ugly, sad nerds anymore. It only took companies realizing gaming is a market, to get rid of the stigmata. Money really does solve all problems...

Gaming is more than a fun past-time. It is a way to wind down and take your mind off everyday hassles, and to connect with people everywhere - Ikea

You see? Ikea really understands what gamers want. If you’re in desperate need of entertainment, read the statement, it’s quite funny tbh. But enough about that. Let’s see what they have in store for us!

We will get a total of six Ikea gaming-furniture-collections: UVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE.

Excuse me what? I swear I didn’t make these up! Trust me, I don’t even know where to find that weird circle-thingy above the A... Spelare means something along the lines of player, by the way. Thank you, Mr. Google!

The Uppspel collection was developed in collaboration with Asus. Ikea then used the learnings from said collab to design five more collections. You will find everything from desks and chairs, to mug holders, soft boxes and neck pillows.

While there is no official pricing for the European/American market, we at EarlyGame went to great lengths to convert the Chinese Yuan prices to a currency the average Joe actually understands.

Ikea gaming furniture drawer
Why the hell would you place your headphones THERE? (Credit: Ikea)

But let’s take a closer look. After all, we are talking about Ikea here, the kings of cheap furniture. The electrical standing desk in the Uppspel collection costs around $560. If you look for comparable products on the official Ikea website that AREN’T “gaming” furniture, you will find desks at around $300 to $400. Ah, the classic. Tag something as gaming and make it twice as expensive.

The cheapest collection seems to be HUVUDSPELARE. A top-tier gaming chair for the cheap price of $50?! What is this wizardry? Well see for yourself...

Ikea gaming furniture chair cheap
Much wow, such gaming... (Credit: Ikea)

I mean, what do you want me to say. It’s a freaking chair... someone splattered some paint on the armrests and now they call it ‘gaming’ chair. What a joke... Wanna know what a real gaming chair looks like? Here ya go!

To sum it up: It’s nice to see, that gaming has finally left its stereotypes behind, but don’t be fooled: Just because Ikea calls them ‘gaming’ collections, doesn't mean their worth magically increases by 100 bucks. They aren’t a complete rip-off, but you should probably look at alternative products first. All we ask ourselves is: when is the Ikea energy drink coming?

We could imagine small streamers profiting from these collections. They are cheap, but still have that futuristic gaming look that you often see in products related to video games.

TLDR: Think twice about buying a ‘gaming’ product!

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