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How to Get the Textorcist FOR FREE

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

Some strong Castlevania vibes here. (Image credit: MorbidWare)

It’s Thursday and there’s another brilliant little gem available for free on the Epic Games Store. Here’s how to get 'The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia' for the low price of... nothing. It's free folks – we know you like that.

If you’re a fan of gothic horror themes, gorgeous retro pixel graphics, Streets of Rage-style dialogue, bullet hell, typing and banging synth soundtracks, this game deserves your attention.

Source: Headup - YouTube

Seriously, if this genre-meshing exposition didn’t sell you, we don’t know what will. Typing games have been around for quite some time, ranging from simple online apps to involved story-based adventures – such as the retro classic The Typing Of The Dead and the newer Epistory. On top of frantic typing, Textorcist will have you fight challenging bosses bullet-hell-style.

Outside the gameplay, do not underestimate the game's soundtrack either. If you’re one of the many players who sunk countless hours into Hotline Miami, banging their head to the synth wave awesomeness, you'll love Textorcist.

All you need to do to get The Textorcist forever (and for free) is log into the Epic Games Store, go to the game’s page here and add it to your cart. It will be available for free this week only – after that, it goes back to full price. What are you waiting for? Those demons won’t textorcise themselves, you know?

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