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How to get Stranded Deep FOR FREE

How to get stranded deep for free

0 days survived... (Image credit: Beam Team Games)

The winter of free daily games event is almost over, but not before we get a few more titles for our libraries! Today’s offering is another well-known survival adventure - the appropriately titled Stranded Deep.

Epic Games is juggling with free games like it’s nobody’s business. Throughout December our libraries were graced with all sorts of great games. Oddly enough, many of them belong to the survival genre - just like today’s title:

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We already had a deadly and beautiful winter adventure, as well as a colorful “banana republic” simulator - so why not mash the two together? Stranded Deep will throw you on a small island with nothing but the watch on your wrist and your survival skills! You will brave the elements, explore the environment, hunt, craft, and ultimately - try to leave the damn place in one piece! This, of course, is easier said than done, and it’s almost certain that you won’t succeed on your first try.

Feeling like swimming in shark-infested waters? Heed over to the game’s page and snatch it while it is free - tomorrow it reverts back to full price!

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