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How to get Night In The Woods FOR FREE

How to get night in the woods for free

Is this game really about animals? (Image credit: Infinite Fall)

The 15 days of free games on the Epic Games Store are almost over, but today’s offering is a really really great one! Meet indie darling disguising real-world problems with cute 2D animals, Night In The Woods.

You know this feeling of just seeing a game’s key art, maybe scroll through the screenshots and you simply know it will be great? This is one of those games. A true indie darling, this one really made headlines when it came out. Look at the trailer:

Video credit: Night In The Woods

With a relatively simple, but striking visual style, memorable characters, a living world full of charm, and a surprisingly emotional story, this one is a must-play. Instead of dumping the entire story on you, Night In The Woods allows you to explore the colorful world, have meaningful conversations with the critters that inhabit it, and just figure it out. Make no mistake, despite the cutesy art style, this tackles some serious issues that will make you think.

Intrigued? Frankly, you should be. If you go to the Epic Games Store today, namely this page, you’ll be able to get and experience this inside gem for the low low cost of free.

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