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How to get My Time At Portia FOR FREE

How to get my time at portia for free

Let’s fix the post-apocalypse! (Image credit: Pathea Games)

The Epic Store Giveaway continues and today’s game is surprising, fresh, and fun - here’s what My Time at Portia is all about and how to get it.

Wow, the Epic Games Store is on a weird streak! In case you’re not familiar, the EGS is giving away one quality game for free every day until the end of the year. Strangely, many of these have been set in post-apocalyptic worlds. Some were ravaged by mutants. Others were set in secluded cold corridors with the occasional monster coming to get you. This one is also set on an utterly busted planet, but it’s… different.

Video credit: PlayStation

Often compared to Stardew Valley (itself a modernized version of Harvest Moon), this title will throw you in what should, by all means, be a doomed world. Instead of bleakness and despair though, you’ll find color, charm, and a sense of wonder! You’ll get to plant new life, construct new contraptions, and rebuild what once was while meeting some cool characters along the way! This is a relatively underlooked gem that really deserves some more attention, and let’s face it - we could all do with some cheerful gameplay after all the grey games we’ve been getting for the past few days.

Up to the challenge? Then all you need to do is go to the Epic Game Store, specifically this page, and press GET. Happy farming!

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