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How to get Metro 2033 Redux FOR FREE

How to get metro 2033 redux for free

You don’t need to save up your bullets for this one, it’s free (Image credit: 4A Games)

The Epic Games Store giveaway progresses as the end of the yeard draws near. Today’s free game is none other than the beloved Metro 2033 Redux, the definitive version of the Eastern European post-apocalyptic shooter.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Epic Games is giving away 15 games - one each before this year is over. In turn, EarlyGame is telling you about these games and providing a link to get them. Now let’s talk about Metro 2033!

Video credit: GameSpot

We hate to sound like a broken record here, but this one is another genre staple. It’s not our fault that Epic is choosing excellent games in somewhat niche styles! Unlike the previous few, this one is actually a returning freebie. If you’re an avid EGS user, you might have snatched it when it was the weekly free game a long time ago. If you’re not (and honestly, who could blame you!), then maybe now’s the time to claim it for your collection anyway. Keep in mind that it’s available for 24 hours only, then goes back to full price.

Metro is a bleak vision of the near future where humanity is almost wiped out in an apocalyptic doomsday event. The few survivors adapted to the realities of the new world by building havens underground and forming a new society there. You will be tasked with navigating dangerous environments, making friends in a world where nobody trusts anyone, and fending off mutants. The game has some very neat ideas like bullets used as currency and takes place in a setting that’s very different from the Americana we’re used to (looking at you, Fallout!)

If you’re interested and don’t own this particular title already, just go to its Epic Game Store page and click the GET button. Have fun and save those bullets!

For more free games keep checking EarlyGame!

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