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How to Get Jurassic World Evolution FOR FREE

How to get jurassic world evolution for free

Raaaaaaaawl!... (Image credit: Frontier Developments)

The list of 15 free titles on the Epic Games Store this month is coming to an end with the dinosaur theme park simulator Jurassic World Evolution!

Today is the last one of the 15 Days of FREE Games initiative on the Epic Games Store. This is the final opportunity to snatch a free game in 2020 before it is finally gone.

Video credit: Jurassic World

Do you like Jurassic Park, dinosaurs, nature, theme parks, the danger of being eviscerated by a prehistoric predator, and/or simulation games? Yeah, this one has all of these elements. There’s no much point in explaining the premise - you are in charge of Jurassic Park, and the difficult task of maintaining it’s Science, Entertainment, and Security aspects. Keep your customers happy, take their cash, and put it to good use researching new technological advancements? Sounds easy, until that t-rex escapes its cage and then things turn ugly very quickly!

So, do you like dinosaurs? Go to the game’s page on the EGS and press that GET button until the game’s free!

For more free games keep checking EarlyGame!

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