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How to get Galactic Civilizations III FOR FREE

How to get galactic civilizations 3 for free

Let’s show these aliens who's boss. (Credit: Stardock)

The ambitious, if somewhat old, space strategy game that will test your might as the leader of a cosmic civilization is available to get for free this week only.

Credit: GameNews via YouTube

Wow, the string of epic space games continues and we couldn’t be happier! This week’s offering in the Epic Games Store is the well-crafted strategy game Galactic Civilizations III, available for the low price of: absolutely nothing. Don't you just love freebies?

Ginormous starships? Check. Angry dudes in sets of futuristic armor? Check. Ugly Protoss-like aliens with funny accents? Check! Seriously, what’s not to love here?

Much like the name suggests, this is a grand-scale space civilization builder. You’ll be tasked with developing your race and leading it through combat, espionage and careful diplomacy in order to stand the test of time and dominate your rivals. The game boldly claims to be “the largest space-based strategy game ever”, so you know you’re in for something… well, epic. Get it? Because it's on the Epic Store and... ah, nevermind...

All you need to do to start your galactic conquest is go to the Epic Games Store and click that GET button on the game’s page! In a week’s time, the game will go straight back to its full price, but if you claim it now, it will remain in your library forever. Just like your rule over the cosmos.

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