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How to get For The King FOR FREE

How to get for the king for free

How far can you go? (Credit: Curve Digital)

Brand new week, brand new free game on the Epic Store. This time we’re treated to a wonderful roguelike set in a cute low-poly world that will get you nostalgic for the golden times of blocky RPGs and exploration.

Last week we got a unique and gorgeous-looking indie platformer. This week’s offering is somewhat in the same vein, but instead of getting to know one character and her struggle, we’ll be taking control over a group of adventurers on a quest for - you guessed it, loot!

Credit: GameTrailers

In For The King, you’ll complete quests, explore procedurally generated maps, fight all sorts of monsters in turn-based combat, and customize your characters with new weapons, armor, and items.

The best part? For The King supports single-player, as well as local and online co-op! And since it costs precisely $0 (this week only!), you’ll have no trouble grabbing a buddy and embarking on adventures together!

Did we pique your interest? Then the rest is simple. Go to the game’s page on the Epic Games Store and press that big GET button. This way the game will be added to your library and kept forever, even when the week is over and it goes to full price again. And please go easy on those wolves, they are far too cute to die!

Like free stuff? Then go sign up to MyEarlyGame and enjoy a customized, ad-free experience and raffles with cool prizes!

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