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How To Get Elite Dangerous, The World Next Door FOR FREE

Elite Dangerous, The World Next Door FOR FREE

Ain’t nothing dangerous about claiming this one for free (Image credit: Frontier Developments)

Looking for something to play this weekend? Haven’t explored a massive galaxy or a magical realm in a while? Saving up your bucks for Black Friday sales and the next gen systems? Well, guess what: you’re in luck because Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door are available for free this week.

The Epic Games store is back with two free titles this month, and they don’t fall short of the high bar that was previously set!

Elite Dangerous

Video Credit: Elite Dangerous

This modern classic hardly requires any introduction. “The definitive massively multiplayer space epic”, as it calls itself, is truly the sandbox spaceship sim gamers have been screaming about for decades. Sure, No Man’s Sky is good now, EVE Online is the most complex, and Star Citizen… erm… isn’t canceled yet, BUT: Elite Dangerous is intriguing, elegant, and enormous!

In Elite Dangerous, you start off with just a small vessel. From there, you find your way through the galaxy by taking on missions, carrying stuff, trading, mining and fighting your way to profit and glory.

Now we hear you ask: "But are there aliens, though?" Yes. Yes, there are!

Download Elite Dangerous for FREE HERE.

The World Next Door

Credit: VIZ Media

Are cute girls and teenage demons more your thing (and does that sound creepy to anybody else)? Then you’ll find this one very refreshing. If you haven’t played a good visual novel in a while or the anime aesthetic got kind of old, this story-driven gem will be right up your alley. The World Next Door is gorgeous to look at and spices things up with magical rune puzzles on a quest to find your way back home. There’s even a multiplayer mode!

Get The World Next Door for FREE HERE.

As always, all you need to do to claim these awesome games is click the link and press the big old GET button. They are free now but will revert to full price in a week. Once you get them, you keep them forever. Good luck!

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