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How to Get Costume Quest 2, Layers of Fear 2 FOR FREE!

Costume Quest 2, Layers of Fear 2 FOR FREE!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween... (Image Credit: Double Fine)

The Epic Games Store is continuing its giveaway of awesome sequels and this time we are getting a Halloween special! Here’s how to get Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2 for the lowest low price of FREE!

You know the drill by now. Every week EarlyGame finds some sweet deals on quality free games and tells you about them just in time! This week we have an excellent Halloween collection to set you in the right mood for the end of the month! Enjoy these spooky titles!

Video Credit: Double Fine via IGN

Costume Quest 2

Are you fond of the unique Double Fine aesthetic seen in games such as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, while at the same time enjoying JRPG battles and always dreamt of a Halloween game that actually takes place during Halloween, instead of being a generic scary scenario? If yes, you have an oddly specific taste, but boy, are you in luck. In Costume Quest, you will dress up and go collect candy, but be careful! When you meet enemies, you’ll transform into the thing you’re dressed as and fight! The sequel expands the Costume Quest universe with time-travel shenanigans. Get it here.

Video Credit: Bloodbear Team via IGN

Layers of Fear 2

Not in the mood for a light-hearted kid's adventure? It’s October, so we don’t blame you! Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game that really messes with your mind while making you explore the creepy environment. The first one had one of horror gaming’s most memorable scenes as far as we’re concerned. You know the one. In Layers of Fear 2, you’ll be a Hollywood actor who gets to star in a cruise ship movie. Get it here.

Sign up with your Epic account, press the button, and claim your free games. They’ll stay until next Thursday and then they go back to full price. Happy gaming!

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