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How to get Alien: Isolation FOR FREE

How to get alien isolation for free

Did it hear me? (Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Today’s free game on the Epic Games Store features aliens, just like yesterday… only this one contains the Alien! Here’s how to get this brilliant piece of survival horror for free.

Another day, another genre staple! Damn, the EGS is on a winning streak here! If you are looking for a deep horror game that’s not relying on cheap gimmicks and jumps scares, but actually gets under your skin and makes you terrified, this is definitely the one for you.

Video credit: Creative Assembly

Developed by a studio with a stellar pedigree and of course based on the beloved movie franchise that changed cinema, this game is a must-play even if you’re not into horror.

Claustrophobic tight spaces, limited resources, and a monster that will scare the living crap out of you are what this game is all about, and it really does excel in those things. We won’t get in any detail - just install it and dive right in. The horror in this game is so realistic, that the console version has a feature using your microphone to detect noise in real-life and attack you in-game! For better or worse, the PC version doesn’t have this, so you are safe. Or are you?

The demand for this one is so big, that right now the EGS is experiencing some issues! With a little bit of luck, going to this page will actually load the damn thing. Then, it’s as simple as pressing the GET button. Good luck!

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