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You might want to think about pre-ordering the game after that smash of a trailer!

Godfall Launch Trailer Unveiled!

Godfall Launch Trailer
Are you ready to take on the mad god? (Image Credit: PlayStation Blog)

Godfall was a game that we never knew we needed, but after the amazing trailers that keep coming out - including this one - it’s safe to say that, yes. We do need it.

Only six more days until Godfall comes out, ready to be played on PS5 - and Windows - as soon as the console is out! Check out the newest Godfall Launch trailer published on the PlayStation YouTube channel, which makes all our fingers twitch to finally experience the game.

In case any of you have missed the hype about the new action-RPG game or need a little reminder before the game comes out, Godfall is a looter-slasher single-player and cooperative game that can be played with up to three players.

You're playing as the last of the Valorian knights, a godlike warrior that slashes through elemental realms to fight Macros, the mad god. On your way to the mad god, you will fight his lieutenants and, upon defeating them, will be granted each of their strengths, to further prepare you for the fight against Macros.

And if the storyline doesn't draw you in yet, the graphics displayed in the newest Godfall Launch Trailer most certainly will! With the game launching on PS5, those 4K graphics will be the ultimate dealbreaker. Just watching the trailer gives you a glimpse of what the new-gen can do. Imagine playing it firsthand!

Godfall graphic display
The graphics alone are saving 2020. (Image Credit: PlayStation)

Godfall will be released on November 12, so prepare for epic battles and even more epic graphics to come to your screens next week.

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