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It's time to give back!

EarlyGame Awards in Favor of Laureus Sport for Good

EarlyGame Awards
Who doesn't like to do something good for the world every once in a while?

EarlyGame and Laureus Sport for Good have come together to host the EarlyGame Awards with prominent German gaming streamers, YouTubers and esports pros.

The partner of this fantastic event is none other than Crowns, your go-to brand for energy drinks. But that’s not all: Razer (Twitter: @RazerGermany) and Panasonic are also part of the EarlyGame Awards!

We've all heard it before: “Gaming is just a waste of time.”

But it’s 2021 and it’s time to prove to everyone that no, gaming isn’t a waste of time. No matter who you are, you can be a part of something greater when you’re a gamer. In gaming, everyone is treated the same, talent is acknowledged as being just that. Who you are and where you’re from does not matter here. Especially now, in times of COVID, gaming has become a safe haven to escape reality and loneliness. Gaming is the connection that you’ll never lose. You want to spend time with your friends, even in times like these? Discord on, world off.

But who is Laureus Sport for Good?

Laureus Sport for Good currently supports more than 200 programmes in over 40 countries that use the power of sport to transform lives. Founded in response to Nelson Mandela’s challenge, issued at the first Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco in 2000, that “sport has the power to change the world”, our vision is to use sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage in their lives.
Over the last 20 years Laureus Sport for Good has raised more than €150m for the Sport for Development sector and, together with our partners, reached and helped change the lives of almost 6m children and young people. - (Laureus Sport for Good)

In collaboration with Laureus Sport for Good, we – EarlyGame – want to support various future projects of theirs. Just like our sponsor Crowns, that we’re very grateful to have at our side for this.

If you want to be a part of this amazing endeavor, then you can be!

EarlyGame Awards
If you're in Europe, you can win a package that includes all of these!
EarlyGame Awards
And also this!

Everyone that donates – no matter the amount – will have the chance to win a 4K flatscreen of Panasonic that is worth €1,200 and 1 of 5 Razer packages that amount to €2,500 (Razer Ornata V2, Razer DeathAdder V2, Razer Kraken Ultimate, Razer Goliathus Chroma Extended). Razer (Twitter: @RazerGermany) and Panasonic also want to be a part of the EarlyGame Awards. They want to make you happy if you make the world a little happier:

€1 means 1 ticket, so the more you donate, the higher your chance that you actually win one of these packages (Example: €50 = 50 tickets, etc.)

Please note that you have to be based in Europe to win one of these packages, however, if you are not in Europe and still want to donate, you obviously still can.


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