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It’s free and that’s a great price!

How to get Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition FOR FREE

Dandara Trials Of Fear Free Epic Store
Beautiful! (Credit: Long Hat House)

The Epic Store keeps on giving awesome games for free and this week’s offering is a very special one: meet the stunning Metroidvania named Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition!

If you like indie games, this one has it all! Pretty graphic, fluent gravity-defying gameplay, an amazing protagonist, and a mystical pixelated world to explore called Salt.

In Dandara, you’ll be jumping across the floor, walls, and ceiling in search of secrets and will uncover a monster-filled land piece by piece. But really, in the end, you would have discovered what the main heroine is all about and maybe even a little bit about yourself. Does this sound pretentious? Well, it’s an artsy indie game, so we couldn’t help it.

The Trials of Fear edition adds more content, putting the focus on the story, as well as mouse and keyboard control scheme, though the developer still recommends a controller to play - it’s a platformer, after all.

Bottom line: it’s great, and it’s free. Go to the Dandara page on the Epic Games Store, smash that GET button and acquire this gem for your collection before it goes back to full price. You won’t regret it!

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