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Among Us: How to Spot Impostors?


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As you may or may not know, there are two teams in Among Us – the human crew members and the alien impostors. The humans' job is to complete tasks all around the map while impostors' job is to stop that from happening at any cost by killing crew members or sabotaging the ship. If the humans manage to complete all the tasks, they win. The other method for humans to win is to eject all impostors. However, how can you tell who is the impostor? We'll show you!


Tasks are the key aspect of this game. Humans have to complete them while impostors fake doing tasks in order to imitate humans and stay disguised.

Make sure to always stay alert and watch all crew members and what tasks they are doing. If it is a multi-step task and someone is doing the second step without doing the first one, they are probably the impostor.

You need to know which tasks are in which rooms and how much time it takes to finish them. Also, if someone finished their task too fast, that person is an impostor.

Dead Body

Usually, the nearest person to the body is an impostor (just line in real crime scenes).

Among us dead body

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We wouldn't want to state the obvious but if you just walked past someone and entered a room with a dead body, that someone is probably the impostor. Keep in mind that impostors can also report dead bodies to disguise themselves and blame it on someone else.

Keep Track of Everyone

If you are playing with friends, it is easy to remember who you saw and where. If you just saw someone entering a room and found a dead body immediately after, it is a good sign that you just found an impostor.

Also, if you knew two persons were in the room before you left and one of them is dead now... well, you can draw your conclusions. Call for a meeting and share your knowledge with the rest of the crew.

Impostor Giveaways: Suspicious Behavior

Probably the most important thing you should be aware of is suspicious behavior.

If someone just wandered off by themselves and switched rooms for no reason, that person is the impostor. They will also follow you across the map just to try to get you alone in the room.

Also, if you notice someone following someone else and stopping immediately after you enter the room, they were about to kill that person but stopped only because you entered – you are a witness now!

Just stay alert at all times and gather as much information as you can. Every little detail can help you identify impostors.

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