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On to Atlantis! Coral Castle Appears in Fortnite

Atlantis Coral Castle in Fortnite

Atlantis Coral Castle in Fortnite. (Image credit: Epic Games)

The water has sunk again and shows what all Fortnite fans are waiting for with excitement: Atlantis. Check out what you can explore in the now not so sunken city.

Waterfalls, corals, sand - Coral Castle offers everything we could wish for with the Fortnite version of Atlantis. In fact, it was somehow clear that soon there must be a form of the legendary sunken city in the Battle Royale title. After all, DC hero Aquaman had only recently appeared in the game. How would he make it without a home base in Fortnite? The water continued to sink and revealed Atlantis. YouTuber Kanga takes a little walk over the new area of the map here.

Video credit: Kanga via YoutTube

Thus, Atlantis aka Coral Castle offers a lot of things to explore and plumb. There's a high chance that some of the next challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 will take place here. There are shells to interact with and they make sounds. Surely you could make something out of that, right Epic? How about "Talk to five seashells in Coral Castle"?

Besides Atlantis, the spaceship in Craggy Cliffs is also causing a stir, what are the tasks behind it? We have them listed right here. If the water continues to sink, we will hopefully be able to cruise the Fortnite Map with the cars we have been promised for some time. Unless Epic takes more time with this feature... Fingers crossed!

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