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On Loot Cloud 7: Call of Duty opens the Warzone Bunker

Call of Duty
Bunker Warzone open

After a long wait and tons of guesswork we can now enter the bunkers in CoD Warzone. (Image credit: Activision)

Open sesame! The bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone can now finally be opened. How and what you need for it, will be revealed here along with what is hidden behind the heavy steel walls.

It's the Call of Duty equivalent of Alladin's magic cave in Disney: the bunkers in Warzone. There may not be a flying carpet, but there are lots of loot and other secrets. Here come the first records of this new, magical place:

OMG and WTF? - Words, maybe not Disney-style, but honest. Yes, the streamers are probably one of the first to see the underground area of CoD Warzone during their game. After a few stairs, you enter a real loot chamber - the concrete holy halls of the Battle Royale. By the way, you enter it with one of the key maps we noticed before, which were already on the map before. Now you can enter the Shooter-Loot-Heaven with them.

Loot Bunker Co D Warzone

The new sacred loot chambers in CoD. (Image credit: Activision / FaZe Dirty via Twitter)

But that's not all, the guesswork continues. In the bunker hall, there is another gate with a key code that has to be opened. Does that require another key card? Maybe, but it's unlikely that one team will find more than one, as the good pieces were rather rare.

Get into CoD Warzone, find key cards and raid the bunkers. Fortunately, the weekend with the bridge day offers a perfect opportunity to do so. We are curious about what is hidden behind gate 2.

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