This tournament definitely has a star player

Omnath Dominates Magic Grand Finals Day 1

Uro Dominates Magic Grand Finals Day 1

We hope you like Four-color Midrange (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Magic Grand Finals, the epic MTG esports event featuring some of the game’s best players is firing on all cylinders. Day 1 was absolutely dominated by Omnath, Locus of Creation, who was present in almost all decks.

In case you’ve missed the Magic Grand Finals, here’s a quick recap. First, go read the format specifics and see the player list in our dedicated article here.

Second, here’s what you missed during day 1: lots of Uro! The Four-color Midrange deck featuring the big green guy and Omanth made many appearances, sometimes in mirror matches. One may argue it was too many appearances, in fact. After the initial day featuring both Standard and Historic Constructed, standings look like this:

  • Autumn Burchett: 6-0
  • Seth Manfield: 5-1
  • Austin Bursavich: 5-1
  • Eetu Perttula: 4-2
  • Patrick Fernandes: 4-2
  • Christopher Leonard: 4-2
  • Gabriel Nassif: 4-2
  • Allen Wu: 4-2
  • Raphael Levy: 4-2
  • Alvaro Fernandez Torres: 4-2
  • Emma Handy: 4-2

The games continue today with another night of Standard and Historic Constructed in the same 6-round Swiss as yesterday. Those who prevail this time will qualify for the Top 8 Double-Elimination Playoffs, where things will get really serious.

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