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OG Planning to Raise Funds and Expand to Asia

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JMR Luna OG Dota 2

J.M.R. Luna is the first CEO of OG. (Image credit: OG)

In a recent interview with The Esports Observer, OG CEO J.M.R. Luna revealed that the organization is planning a fundraiser and their next step in Asia.

The organization we all know today as OG once started as a small Dota 2 team called monkey business. They’ve walked a long way since 2015 as the team did the impossible by winning two editions of The International back to back in 2018 and 2019. This feat would skyrocket the team’s popularity and also reward them with over 26 million in prize money. That’s a lot. Despite that, the organization has kept its structure mostly the same.

The team recently hired a brand-new CEO in the face of J.M.R. Luna. The latter is mostly known as a film director, having worked for Hollywood and Netflix. Luna is the first-ever CEO of OG, but that’s definitely not his ride in esports as previously he worked with Evil Geniuses and Immortals. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein described Luna as an amazing addition to the team:

Competing and dealing with the stresses that come with running a company is an immense challenge and something that Sebastian and I still tried to balance for years. JMR is a much-needed asset, somebody I knew I wanted to work with. Ever since JMR started working with us I have felt much more joy in my day-to-day and I grow ever more certain that my dream for what OG can become is going to be real.

Now in a recent interview with The Esports Observer Luna revealed that OG are planning some big steps towards expanding:

We want to capitalize on the world domination that these gentlemen have been able to achieve in Dota 2, and we want to have real experiences with our fans around the world. In Dota 2 we already figured out the formula we need. Doesn’t mean we’re always going to win, but it means that we’re going to have a chance to do it.

Luna shared that the company will go to the market for the first time ever and they already have offices planned in Shanghai and Singapore by 2021. It’s uncertain when the fundraiser will take place, but you can be sure it’s coming. Reportedly, N0tail also visited Peru, which is another destination that OG believes has a lot of potential for growth. It wouldn’t be too surprising if we see the team go to South America at some point.

OG currently have their Dota 2 and CS:GO squads, but more might sprout in the near future. The most important question remains a mystery though – when will The International 10 take place? It’s the event that made OG into the team they are today and many fans are eager to see them again on the big stage.

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Tasho Tashev