FaZe could be out of the Pro League by this time tomorrow

OG, G2 occupy ESL Pro League Season 11 top

Og esl pro league season11 short

OG humiliated mousesports on the final two maps. (Image crdit: OG via Twitter)

OG and G2 are sitting in the comfortable seats in ESL Pro League Season 11 Group C. With a pair of victories apiece, those teams are closer and closer to clinching their spot in the Play-In and focus on the battle for first place.

FaZe, mouz in danger of missing out on ESL Pro League Season 11 Playoffs

The ESL Pro League Season 11 weekend had much on offer. Due to the weird schedule of Group C, Tyloo played in each one of the first three games – against FaZe, OG and G2, in that order. The Asians won a map versus the latter, but were generally outplayed and quickly dropped to 0-3 in the group.

With Tyloo practically eliminated, it was left to the rest of the bunch to shape up the upper echelons of the standings. FaZe Clan – mousesports was the first non-Tyloo match on display. Perceived as the group derby, the game had quality and went to a third map, which mouz walked away with – 16-12.

Perhaps it was over confidence, perhaps just a bad day, perhaps a throw, but mouz’ follow up vs. OG was one fans would like to forget. After an overtime victory on Mirage gave them the match lead, mousesports players forgot they need to win another map. OG could have played with blindfolds and still won. It was that bad. 16-5; 16-2 on Train (mouz’ pick btw) and Inferno put out Finn “karrigan” Andersen and co. out of their misery and left us wondering which mousesports we’re going to see next.

FaZe faired much better in their encounter with G2. In the end, though, the cliché that the overall result is all that matters came into play as they too bowed out with a 1-2 defeat. Marcelo “coldzera” David stole the show with a fantastic Desert Eagle ace on Dust2 to leave his team with some positive outtake from this clash.

This amazing coldzera ace could not help FaZe win on Dust2. (Video credit: Red90 via YouTube)

What’s to follow in ESL Pro League Season 11 Group C

Tyloo might have played three in a row, but we still have a team yet to debut in ESL Pro League Season 11. Told you the schedule is weird. Virtus.pro are joining the race today, FaZe Clan their first opponent. This is a crucial game for coldzera and his teammates. A loss will almost surely eliminate them from contention in Group C.

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