Is the CS:GO Team Liquid player going for Riot’s title?

Nitr0 Could Be Switching to Valorant

Nitr0 Valorant CS:GO Team Liquid

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The CS:GO pro Nick “nitr0” Cannella was recently benched in Team Liquid and according to the latest rumors, he’ll soon be joining a Valorant team.

At the start of August, Nick “nitr0” Cannella was benched. Nitr0 has been with the team for over 5 years so it came as quite the shock for many. Nitr0 also played an essential part in the success of Liquid during their 2019 run when the squad held the number one position. Days after that he was replaced by Michael “grim” Wince.

Right as the news came to light, many raised the usual question – Is he switching to Valorant? After all, Riot’s new tactical shooter already has the reputation of luring pros from other games. Almost every big and successful team in Valorant is made up by former players from CS:GO, Overwatch and other titles. It’s also no secret that players coming from Valve’s shooter find the most success in Valorant. Some good examples of that are G2 Esports and Team SoloMid. Both rosters are comprised entirely of former CS:GO players and the two teams are arguably on top of their respective regions (for now that is).

Nitr0 Switching to Valorant?

According to ESPN multiple pro teams have already reached out to Cannella in an attempt to sign him for their roster. There’s still no official confirmation from nitr0 regarding the rumors, but chance are we’ll get a big update sooner than later.

Many other CS:GO players have switched sides and turned to Valorant – Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, Jason “jasonR” Ruchelski. The common thing between all of them was the fact that they were no longer competing in CS:GO or were unable to find success. Nitr0, on the other hand, was the in-game leader of one of the if not the most successful team of 2019, so it’s quite surprising.

Cannella has found quite a lot of success in the game so far and is already making a name for himself. The only thing missing is competitive experience in Riot’s new shooter, but that may change very soon.

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