Is he turning his back on Fortnite?

Ninja stars in first NA Valorant Ignition Series event

Ninja competes in the first major of the North American Valorant Ignition Series

Ninja is competing in the first major of the North American Valorant Ignition Series. (Image credit: Riot Games / Tyler "Ninja" Blevins)

Fast and deadly, just like a ninja - that's how the world-famous streamer has been acting in Fortnite for years. Now he is entering new territory as Ninja will take part in the upcoming Valorant Ignition Series with T1. But what about Fortnite?

It was an announcement that we did not expect: T1 has announced a new roster for their T1 x Nerd Street Gamers showdown. The tournament is part of the official Valorant Ignition Series, which was created by Riot. And this now announced roster has a very special captain: Ninja - probably the most famous streamer and influencer in the esports industry. The special thing about it is that the Internet celebrity is actually part of a completely different game: Fortnite. But here he is, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, ready to lead his team to victory at the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown.

More and more streamers and professional players have already switched to the new tactical shooter from Riot, including Sinatraa, the reigning Overwatch champion. Will Ninja now also leave Fortnite behind? Officially he hasn't announced anything like that yet. Although he likes to express criticism of his game (some weapons are useless, the Aim-Assists are Aim-Bots etc.), we don't believe that Ninja will be ditching Fortnite in the long run. Currently, the streamer is facing several changes, including the removal of his current streaming platform Mixer from Microsoft.

Whatever Ninja's distant esports future may look like, this weekend he and his team will compete in the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown. A total of 16 rosters will be competing for the a total prize of $50,000. By the way, this is not Ninja's first Valorant visit. He had already participated in the Lof x DTS Invitational Series before and made it to the quarter-finals where his team was stomped by TSM. Is it time for revenge or will we see the same scenario unfold again?

The first North American Valorant Ignition Series starts this Friday, June 26, and will run until the 28th.

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