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Ninja lauches new apparel


Who doesn’t know Tyler “Ninja” Blevins? He’s what every aspiring streamer dreams to be. And with almost 15 million followers on Twitch, for a good reason. Now, he’s going beyond game streaming. You guessed it, it’s Ninja-branded apparel!

Ninja new apparel look with Adidas

Before he got famous, Ninja put in 20 thousand hours of streaming time on his keyboard. (Image credit: Adidas AG)

Ninja’s meteoric rise to glory rode on his personality, Fortnite and the Battle Royale genre. His Fortnite channel on Twitch achieved legendary popularity. But it’s been a turbulent year for the 28-year-old from Chicago. In August, he surprisingly opted to exit his exclusive contract with Twitch. Instead, Blevins joined Microsoft’s new streaming alternative, Mixer.

Ninja announcing the switch to Mixer with his usual humor. (Video credit: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins via YouTube)

The news came as a shock to Ninja fans and the question on everyone’s lips was... why? Why leave a platform full of so many adoring followers? For an answer, we must turn to his wife and manager, Jessica Blevins.

Ninja and Jessica Blevins

Ninja with his wife Jessica at the 2019 Game Awards. Image credit: Jessica Blevins via Twitter

In an interview for the Business Insider, she revealed that they had no issues with the financial side of their contract with Twitch. However, its clauses meant that “he wouldn't have been able to grow his brand much outside of gaming”. This was a dealbreaker for the Blevins couple. Right on cue, Microsoft swooped in and gave them a better deal. While the contract details remain behind closed doors, Jessica hinted in the same interview that “Microsoft was so aligned with what we wanted and where we were at”. It seems to be working for them – Ninja’s last video on Twitch was five months ago. It also meant that Blevins was free to broaden his horizons. And he didn’t hesitate.

Ever since August, we knew Adidas and Ninja had been up to something, but there were no official announcements. But just in time for the arrival of 2020, Ninja delivered. Under the hashtag #adidasbyNinja, came the TIME IN joggers, styled by Ninja himself.

Any fan will recognize Ninja’s distinctive color kit of blue and yellow. There is also a subtle nod to Fortnite in the font used to emblazon the TIME IN stamp on the sides. All in all, a stylish addition to the wardrobe of any sportswear aficionado. But that is not all. Blevins has clarified that these joggers are supposed to be an inspiration for everyone working hard towards a goal:

“Breaking a streaming record while playing with some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities doesn’t happen by coincidence. It happens because of the late nights and early mornings. It happens because of the TIME IN™.”

Ninja’s creation is already available at the official Adidas store. The pleasure of owning a pair of TIME INs will cost you the hefty sum of $150, but keep in mind that you’re not just buying a pretty face. These are real jogging shoes, made to last and take you on your journey to improvement. They feature a responsive boost midsole to reduce impact and stress on your joints, a TPU heel clip to reduce blistering from long runs, and a fine mesh upper with leather overlays for breathability and sturdiness. This means they offer everything a starting jogger needs to get going. And it seems Ninja is just getting started.

The partnership with Adidas seems confidential so far, but we know for sure that it’s a multi-year deal, meaning there will be a lot more fun apparel from the color-headed streamer and his brand. His display of Adidas sportswear also seems pretty obvious, as you can see from his New Year’s video:

It appears Blevins is making a name not only as a creator but as a face of Adidas. The sports brand could use an ambassador to bridge the gap between gamers and athletes. As the stereotype of the sedentary gamer slowly melts away, sports brands are looking to show their involvement in promoting a more active lifestyle. And Blevins and his “invest in yourself” message are arriving right on time.

Gergana Stamenova

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