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NICKMERCS Complains of Stream-Sniping During Call of Duty Event

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Cash app games tournament

The Cash App Games Tournament was marred by stream-snipers. (Image credit: BoomTV via Twitter)

Last night saw a bunch of popular Call of Duty players and streamers join the Cash App Games Tournament for some Call of Duty: Warzone action. The $75,000 event was a success, producing some quality entertainment for the many viewers during August's final hours. However, one of the participants, well-known streamer NICKMERCS, wasn't all smiley about it.

Cash App Games Tournament Recap

The Cash App Games Tournament was backed by BoomTV and included 32 of the best Warzone players around. They were split into 16 teams for a 2v2 tournament, the winner of which was set to take home $20,000.

The most popular names in the bracket enjoyed varying success. Nadeshot and cloakzy went out very early on, NICKMERCS and ImNio fell right before the lower bracket final, while Symfuhny and HusKerrs came as close as can be without winning.

The victors on the night were WarsZ and Vapulear who came back from the lower bracket to take their revenge over Symfuhny and HusKerrs. The latter had beaten the eventual champs in the upper bracket final, but even the 1-0 default advantage in the final could not prevent the WarsZ-Vapulear duo from emerging victorious in the Bo5 format.

In addition to the $20,000 given to the winners themselves, $50,000 more will be available via Cash App to their subscribers. Congratulations to the victors!

NICKMERCS Unhappy With Stream-Snipers

Following his team's exit from the Cash App Games Tournament, NICKMERCS took to Twitter to voice his frustration with the constant battle he's fighting against stream-snipers and hackers. In his own words, these obstacles make it borderline impossible for him to win an actual Call of Duty tournament.

This can easily be viewed as a sore loser speech, but it doesn't change the factuality behind it. Stream-sniping is a pathetic thing to do and the "well, you're famous, deal with it" rhetoric needs to stop. Just like the kids trying to harass popular streamers need to stop.

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