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Christmas comes early in Act 3 Valorant

Ice, Ice, Baby! New Valorant Map Revealed: Icebox

Valorant Icebox Act 3
A bit of Christmas feeling in October. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant Act 3 will come out on October 13 and along with the changes to competitive matchmaking, players will also get a new map, Icebox.

Riot Games has revealed on twitter a new map for Valorant's Act 3. The short teaser trailer was packed full of all different kinds of snowy environments. As the name suggests the Valorant map is set in an icy tundra landscape. It looks like some kind of arctic research facility, a much darker aesthetic – well, ok: Not that kind of Magic Winter Wonderland we hoped for, but ok... Maybe more Game of Thrones...

Throughout the map are large shipping crates with the letters 'KNG' stacked up high. They might not contain our Christmas presents, as Santa Claus is hopefully living in a cozier place, but it could be a teaser for a new agent. In addition to that, the map has large seafaring vessels and demolition cranes surround the facility.

Icebox also appears to have both an indoor and outdoor area. Inside there is a thermal reactor, a laboratory, and even a kitchen with pizza getting ice cold on the counter.

It's not exactly clear but it does look like the map features different levels of elevations which is totally unique as the current maps also allow for high ground sniper nests. It seems that the map takes the vertical to the extreme and players will be looking up and long at least when they are outdoors as the indoor parts of the map encourage close-quarter combat.

Icebox looks cool and we cannot wait to play it on October 13! Share your opinion with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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