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New Valorant Ego Skins by OneTap

Valorant Skin Ego
Sage holding the Ego Vandal Skin (Image credit: Riot Games)

New weapon skins hit the Valorant store September 17 under the code name 'Ego.' Riot Games wants Valorant players to be bold and this skin bundle is in collaboration with OneTap. Let’s take a peek at what these fashionable killers look like.

The skin’s theme is inspired by real-world streetwear fashion and now you can frag in style. In the past, Valorant skins have been much flashier and leaned harder into sci-fi tropes so it’s refreshing to see a set of skins that are more realistic. After all, Riot Games plans to keep working with outside designers so we expect many more collaborations in Valorant's future.

This time we get a far more simple and subtle design for these white, black and gold Ego skins. There should also be three color variations that blend the two colors in a similar way. So far the pink/green and red/black variants have been spoiled in Riot's promo trailer. So keep an eye out for the third color variation it must show up soon.

Valorant Ego Skin
Pink-Green Ego Skin Variant (Image credit: Riot Games)
Valorant Ego Skin
Red-black Ego Skin Variant (Image credit: Riot Games)

The skins are under the premium tier pricing for Valorant skins and they are for the Ghost, Vandal, Stinger, Guardian and melee. You can get the full Ego bundle for 7,100 VP and it also includes a matching card, a spray and a gun buddy (seen in the Riot's Promo trailer). If you just want to buy a skin for your favorite weapon, then the prices are as follow:

  • EGO Stringer: 1,775 VP
  • EGO Ghost: 1,775 VP
  • EGO Guardian: 1,775 VP
  • EGO Vandal: 1,775 VP
  • EGO Melee: 3,550 VP

What do you think? The Bundle price is lower than other previous bundles, is this enough to entice you? Or maybe you will just buy a single skin? The realistic design is an interesting choice because the other skins are do seem much cooler. Buy them all or save your money? We leave the choice to you.

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