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New regions enter the Valorant closed beta

Valorant new regions

The three new regions. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant has been in closed beta for almost a month now as it started on April 7. Today, May 5, marks the expansion to three new regions – Brazil, South Korea, and Latin America.

Riot Games has decided that it’s time to increase the number of regions for Valorant’s closed beta. Ever since it all started on April 7, only players from Canada, the USA, Europe, Russia and Turkey were able to join in. Now three more regions are being added – South Korea, Brazil and Latin America. The news came directly from Riot.

New horizons for Valorant

Anna “Supercakes” Donlon returns once again to talk about the new regions in the short video above, which is also available on YouTube.

Video credit: Youtube - Valorant

In it, Donlon talks about the lessons learned in the closed beta and then proceeds to greet all the new regions. Valorant data centers are going online in Seoul, Santiago, and Sao Paulo. Mexico City has experienced a delay despite Riot’s best efforts but players from Mexico should soon get a chance to experience the Valorant closed beta.

As for Mexico City, we want to get you into this closed beta so badly. But this is where we have hit most of our infrastructure delays. So while we might not get you in exactly on the 5th, we will be getting you in as soon as we can.

Anna also notes that COVID-19 has impacted recording studios around the world and this has also postponed the voiceover for many of the agents.

What's to come?

But what about the remaining regions? May 5 will be the date for the regions we’ve mentioned above. Oceania, Japan, SEA and the Greater Middle East are also a priority for Riot as Donlon mentions in the video. We should expect further updates from the company as they will come at a later point.

Valorant map africa

Riot has no plans for a Valorant closed beta in Africa. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot is looking at the global pandemic as more of a challenge and obstacle to go through as there have already been numerous complications. Valorant is still scheduled for a Summer 2020 release and so far Riot hasn’t backed out from that.

The closed beta will last at least up until then so chances are all of the regions mentioned above will be able to make it before the actual launch. There’s just the case of Africa which is entirely blank on the Valorant map, so that might be the only exception that will join post-launch. Stay tuned for more Valorant news.

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