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Hottest New Game Releases for September 2020

Baldurs gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3, a hot September release. (Image credit: Larian Studios)

The summer is slowly coming to an end, and autumn is approaching. This is actually a good time for gaming fans because new release after new release will be hitting the stores from September on. This year, things will look a little different due to COVID-19 but we will still present the most important game releases for September 2020.

August brought us Fall Guys, PGA Tour 2K21, or Project Cars 3, but there are also some game highlights waiting for us next month. Here are the most important game releases in September 2020.

Iron Harvest

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: September 1

A new RTS game from Germany which is also based on the genre hit Company of Heroes with a fresh setting, diesel-punk robots, and might be esports-compatible? Maybe the next StarCraft II is waiting for us?

Iron harvest release

With Iron Harvest, strategy game fans finally get something to be happy about. (Image credit: Deep Silver)

Marvel's Avengers

  • Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Release: September 4

The ultimate superhero game was not quite as ultimate in the beta, but that may change. After all, a game about Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor designed as an action-adventure game will be supplied with new content for years to come.

Marvels avengers koop

Marvel's Avengers should be interesting especially for co-op fans. (Image credit: Square Enix)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

  • Plattform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Release: September 4

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk returns with a remake of the first two original games at the beginning of September. The iconic gameplay of the originals meets state-of-the-art graphics of today – sounds good to us!

Video credit: IGN via YouTube

NBA 2K21

  • Platform: PC, PS4, PS5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Release: September 4

Basketball fans can lace up their sneakers for NBA 2K21 at the beginning of September, even if publisher 2K will have to make up for the previous poorly received version of the game. Numerous gameplay improvements and next-gen upgrades come to the game and it will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Video credit: PlayStation via YouTube


  • Platform: PC, PS4, PS5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Release: September 4

The next racing game awaits us on September 4. WRC 9 is the official game for the World Rally Championship which has finally found its home. Technically and gameplay-wise, the best WRC offshoot that could be a serious competitor to DIRT Rally 2.0 awaits us. Probably from November on, it will even be available on next-gen consoles.

Wrc 9 neuseeland

WRC 9 – This will be (muddy) fun. (Image credit: NACON)

eFootball PES 2021

  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Release: September 15th

Instead of creating a brand-new game with 2-3 improvements, Konami chose a different approach with eFootball PES 2021. The football game will be a season update with new squads, jerseys, and a few small playable improvements. In return, it costs only half as much as a full game.

The UEFA Euro 2020 expansion is already included, fans of the myClub mode will be happy to hear they get some new Iconic Moments cards of former soccer stars. Among them are Oliver Kahn and David Beckham.

Video credit: eFootball PES via Youtube

Crysis Remastered

  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Release: September 18th

The new edition to the shooter hit which hardly any gaming PC was able to master on the original release in 2007 is finally available for consoles. The Remaster runs on the new version of the CryEngine and with technical improvements like better HD textures, new particle effects and software-based ray tracing, it is dressed to impress. This could be a next-gen graphics before the actual next-gen launches.

Video credit: Crytek via YouTube

Baldur's Gate 3 (Early Access)

  • Platform: PC, Google Stadia
  • Release: September 30th

The cult RPG series Baldur's Gate returns at the end of September. Come to think of it, Part 2 of the series released almost 20 years ago! Anyway: Part 3 will be released on PC exclusively for Google Stadia. The role-playing game is being developed by Larian Studios who have impressively demonstrated their skills with the Divinity series. This will be the ideal game for this coming rainy autumn.

Baldurs gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 hits early access on September 30. (Image credit: Larian Studios)

September starts quite hot for the gaming world but drops off noticeably towards the middle, and at the end of the month, it goes full throttle again.

As always, you can read more about gaming and esports on EarlyGame. We'll tell you what to expect in the upcoming FIFA Ratings and provide you with useful tips and tricks about Fall Guys.

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