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A New OP weapon coming soon?

New Fortnite Weapon Leaked: The Minigun Meets the Grenade Launcher

Fortnite Weapon
How sweet would this be if it's true? A Mini-gun/Grenade launcher! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Data miners suggest that Fortnite might get a new weapon, a hybrid between a mini-gun and a grenade launcher! A wild idea that we hope it’s true!

This prototype weapon was previously data mined but has resurfaced in the recent patch increasing the chances this sure to be overpowered weapon may come to the Battle Royale. Fortnite has a history of releasing very OP items for players to use. Maybe you can recall the unpopular B.R.U.T.E mech, an unstoppable killing machine. The mech was so hated by the community that it only lasted a few weeks before it was removed by Epic Games. Recently, the Marvel Superhero powers are a source of debate but not nearly as overpowered as the mech. The community seems to enjoy the superpowers and have rarely labeled them as OP.

In case you forgot about everyone's favorite, clearly overpowered mech killing machine, or for the uninitiated, we present to you the B.R.U.T.E:

The short lived and hated mech! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

We have the data miner Mang0e to thank for the recent leak. We can see that the weapon is still in the development stage, so it is anyone’s guess if it makes it into the game.

It literally looks like half the gun is missing and maybe even a placeholder or test model for the actual gun. What gives the leak more credit is that this hybrid minigun/grenade launcher has stats listed in the patch file. Looks like the gun will do 67 damage and 131 environmental damage and have a 3s reload time. The stats also indicate it could be some kind of hybrid minigun/grenade launcher, but again this is a leak and has not been confirmed.

Data miners are usually correct because the source is from the new patch file. However, the wilder the leak the higher chance it’s only a developer testing something with no plan to ever put it in the game. After the whole B.R.U.T.E shitstorm, Epic Games is much more careful about adding crazy things to the already playful world of Fortnite. After all, there still needs to be some once of competitive and skill-based aspects to the battle royale.

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