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New Fortnite items leaked, more bug fixes on the way?

Fortnite Patch Notes 12 31 server

Some community wishes have not yet been fixed in patch 12.31. (Image credit: Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite patch – 12.31, is only a few hours old and has brought some much-needed changes. Yet, some annoying bugs have not been fixed and with leaks of new items occurring, we might be getting a follow up sooner than later.

With patch 12.31 Fortnite has done a lot of good for the general game flow. Smaller bugs were fixed, the Codaxe pickaxe was integrated and the graphics on the PS4 were improved. Yet we’re still missing some adjustments that most of the community feels should have already be done:

  • There are still no grenades.
  • Still missing a vibration of the controller when players are hit.
  • The Sky-Challenge is not fixed: "Hit a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun" does not work with the Henchman.

We are sure that Epic Games is already working hard on these and other community issues. There is another reason to look forward to the next update, though, if leaks are to be trusted.

Fortnite Items leaks

What is waiting for us in the next Fortnite patch? We didn’t expect to be asking these questions so early but the internet has given us reasons to. We remain hopeful of the above fixes to arrive with the next patch, but what might be more certain is a slew of new items.

Spedicey1 went to Twitter to tease some future additions to Fortnite:

Some of these items sound exciting to say the least: a bloody cloning machine, fam! We can’t be sure if any of these will ever be part of Fortnite ever, but it’s nice to dream.

If you’re not much of a dreamer yourself, you might prefer the actual patch that came along yesterday – 12.31. What do you think of the changes made and are you looking forward to the suggested fixes and potential new items?

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