EA Sports is officially a clown now

New FIFA 20 update is… another joke

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Back-to-back useless FIFA 20 updates. EA are on a roll! (Image credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports have been going under the radar in recent weeks. Ever since the George Floyd hysteria began, the video game publisher has not officially announced any new FIFA content…and there was a lot of new FIFA content.

After releasing the last few FIFA 20 TOTSSF squads without any announcement whatsoever, EA have now made the next step by not even bothering to address the latest FIFA 20 title update or its contents. Come on, EA, make our job at least a little bit easier, will ya?

In all truthfulness, even if you missed out on the news completely, it wouldn’t be something to throw fits about. This update focuses primarily on background features such as connectivity issues, bugs and crashes, login troubles and overall game stability. So yeah, if you were hoping for some gameplay improvements, tough luck.

Here is the full extent of changes this update brings:

  • Contains upgrades to the tools that game developers use to further drive gameplay responsiveness investigations.
  • Fixed crashing bugs.
  • Addressed login issues.
  • Fixed network connection issues.
  • Fixed framerate drop and freezing issues.
  • Performance and stability improvements added.
  • Added other minor under the hood fixes.

Don’t get this twisted, fixing the bug-ridden mess of a game you’ve released is a noble cause which we’d normally support. That being said, it’s the middle of June. We’re literally 3-4 months away from FIFA 21 and EA are fixing basic convenience issues now? Why even bother? Gameplay’s still broken anyway so it’s not like fixing connection issues would bring players a better experience. They’d probably be better off not connecting at all!

The previous FIFA 20 “update” was an ill-timed April Fools joke as well. Now we get this. EA, just stop. Just give up on FIFA 20 and focus on at least putting out a working game with FIFA 21, please. Quit making fools out of your audience and be a decent game publisher for once. In the words of the great Shia: Just. Do. It.

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