Riot's war against the cheaters continues

A New Feature Is Coming to the Valorant Ban System

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Even when Valorant was still in its closed beta, the anti-cheat and ban systems were a hot topic. Today the Riot devs announced a new feature is on the way.

ban system in Valorant is about to get an improvement, and you should be expecting the update to come live pretty soon. The news came today from Twitter, where Joe Ziegler made the announcement.

In a previous blog post, Riot claimed that their end goal for the Valorant anti-cheat is to build a trustworthy gaming experience.

What exactly are we trying to accomplish for anti-cheat in VALORANT? The goal is to build a trustworthy gaming experience by making cheating as rare as possible. This means that we aim to prevent as many cheats as possible and detect anything that we can’t prevent. We know that we can’t stop all cheaters immediately but we believe we can deal with them to the point that most players rarely, if ever, encounter a cheater.

Soon Riot will make players who were banned click the "I understand" button. The is savage indeed, but it's not really dealing with the hacker menace is it? Note that permanent bans won't be the only time when this type of message shows up. If you get a shorter suspension, the notification will be a bit different.

Cheaters in Valorant have been an issue ever since the closed beta. The first hackers appeared roughly two days into the beta and Riot have been trying to get rid of them ever since. The thing is they're not doing such a good job despite the numerous measures. Players will still meet a cheater every few games or so, which might be a thrill killer for many and for good reason.

One of Valorant’s main selling points was a cheater-free experience and that’s obviously not yet achieved. Riot developed their own “state of the art” anti-cheat, Vanguard, which runs on the kernel level and starts with Windows. Not a whole lot of players were happy with that and to this day Vanguard might be one of the reasons a lot of players are still hesitant to give the title a shot. Despite the fact that Vanguard is always running, players are still finding ways to cheat.

The next logical step was to punish hackers accordingly, as Riot implemented hardware bans. Once you use malicious software and get a ban, there’s no way to log into the server from the same computer even if you make a new account. The devs have reportedly banned tens of thousands of cheaters already but is there an end in sight?

What do you think? Will Valorant be cheater-free one day or is it doomed to have the same fate of fellow competitor CS:GO?

Stay tuned for more Valorant news and make sure to check out EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports.

Tasho Tashev

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