Some breathing room for CTs at last

New CS:GO update makes key change to Dust2

Dust2 csgo update

Reversing B doors is a simple but effective way to bring a much needed diversity to Dust2. (Image credit: Valve)

Valve’s latest attempt to improve CS:GO comes in the form of numerous map changes, most of which centered around visuals. The new CS:GO update touches upon the most pivotal maps in the game, such as Mirage and Overpass, but perhaps the most important modification is on Dust2.

Dust2 B retakes should be easier now

By far the most interesting change Valve implemented with this new CS:GO update is reversing the B doors on Dust2. With its new look, the doors allow for much more CT flexibility before and after plant.

On one hand, CTs can now keep an eye on B tunnels and mid doors at the same time pre-plant. On the other, you’re not a sitting duck when trying to enter the site through the doors post-plant. The car post-plant position in particular is affected the most as it is much easier to clean up now.

The alterations on other maps are far from holding the importance of the aforementioned Dust2 door inversion, but here are the highlights anyway. The bicycle on Overpass and the trash bin on Mirage have been removed, there’s a box leading to Cache’s sniper’s nest now instead of a ladder and there have been lots and lots of visibility improvements.

Apparently, Valve have decided to finally address the long-standing community murmurs about CS:GO’s visual problems that kind of sort of affect a precise first-person shooter quite a lot. As mentioned, there are a lot of modifications in that regard, all of which you can read in the official patch notes.

The most glamorous of Valve’s moves is the addition of a “Boost Player Contrast” advanced video setting which uhm does what it says – it boosts visibility in low contrast situations. The developers don’t seem particularly confident with this feature at launch if this tweet is anything to go by, but it’s a start I guess.

Unlike some other major game publishers, Valve have actually been doing a decent job at improving CS:GO in recent months and one can only pray that this remains the case after the Valorant hype inevitably dies.

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