And another kill feed icon

New CS:GO update adds... Warhammer 40,000 stickers

C4 explosion icon

A new icon has been added to the CS:GO kill feed. (Image credit: Valve)

We’re used to regular CS:GO updates by now and God’s my witness I never thought I would be able to utter those words, ever. The latest patch notes come with some rendering improvements, a new kill feed icon aaand Warhammer 40,000 stickers.

C4 explosion icon, grenade fixes, Warhammer 40,000 stickers

Let’s tackle the actual game-affecting changes first. Valve have been trying to make the kill feed as colorful as possible in weeks past by adding new icons. So far, we’ve had icons for blinded kills, no scope kills and kills through smoke been added to the feed. Now we also have a C4 explosion icon that will show up whenever a player is killed by the bomb. With a brand new colorful shooter releasing in a little over a month, Valve sure are focused on improving the in-game visuals.

The remaining gameplay fixes are minor grenade-related bugs that admittedly make the game a bit less irritable, which is always a good thing. Now you’ll be able to stand up while being crouched over a decoy, grenades shouldn’t “freeze” you while mid-air and nades should stop going through players and doors alike like they were used to doing in the past. Mind you, the final two are phrased as “less likely to happen” so don’t get too surprised if your nade vanishes through a door.

The final gameplay fix puts an end to dying while frozen by the game itself, aka at the end of halves. Small change that makes me think this should have been addressed waaay earlier, but hey, it’s Valve. Better late than never.

Csgo warhammer stickers

Warhammer fans are in for a treat. If they also play CS:GO that is. (Image credit: Valve)

On the cosmetic side of things, we can now switch menu backgrounds. Yay! Whether you like Nuke, newly added Anubis or Cobblestone, you can have it as your background whenever you like. Cobble back to the Active Duty pool confirmed?

On the store front, the Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule has been released, containing 17 pieces of Warhammer 40k cosmetics. Someone at Valve must have scratched his itch with this one and quite frankly, we don’t mind if all those itches are taken care of.

For the full patch notes, go to Valve. For some DreamHack Masters Spring action – go to Europe or North America.

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