The FIFA 20 world is expanding

New CONMEBOL teams added to FIFA 20

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Two more teams to score goals with in FIFA 20. (Image credit: EA Sports via Twitter)

EA Sports has been trying to keep us engaged with FIFA 20 in these weeks of social isolation. Their latest attempt comes in the shape of an update that expands on CONMEBOL’s team variety.

Even more teams to win the Copa Libertadores with

Less than a month ago, EA Sports made the beneficial move to add South America’s biggest club competitions to FIFA 20. The arrival of Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa was of course accompanied by a suitable amount of popular South American clubs, stadiums, kits etc.

With the new update, two more South American teams are now available to play with in FIFA 20. Paraguay’s Club Guaraní and Ecuador’s Barcelona Sporting Club are the latest options you can choose from on the continent. EA have also updated multiple CONMEBOL stadiums, teams, kits, and presentation packages.

There are also a couple of gameplay touches introduced with this update, both affecting stamina. One of those is the decrease of Team Press’ impact on in-game stamina, which pretty much erases the changes the previous patch notes made. On the contrary, the in-game stamina impact of the Overload Ball Side tactic has been increased.

It’s been tough on developers to keep up with the increasing demands the coronavirus pandemic has thrown at them. With millions of people forced into their homes, gaming is one of the most common ways to escape the horror of reality. EA are trying to do their part and while this update, in particular, isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, every bit of fresh air is welcomed in these troubling times.

Another way in which EA have been altering our game experience is through packs. Have you checked the new TOTW Moments or FUT Birthday packs yet? What do you think of them?

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