Just like Ronin, Lerch is based on a real person

New CoD Operator: Tony Sentmanat is Lerch

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Call of Duty: Warzone Shadow Company Operator

The three Shadow Company Operators: Roze, Lerch and Velikan. (Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Season 5 is coming August 5 and Marcus "Lerch" Ortega is one of the new operators coming with it. Like Ronin before him, he is based on a real person - Tony Sentmanat, also known as RealWorld Tactical.

On July 30, the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 was released, which introduced the Shadow Company as a new faction. The Shadow Company will initially consist of three operators: Roze, which was already released in Season 4, Velikan, of whom we know next to nothing, and Lerch, who is based on a real person.

Let's talk about the most interesting one: Marcus "Lerch" Ortega. Lerch is introduced by Activision as the leader of the Shadow Company in Verdansk. According to his background story, he is a former U.S. Marine known for his enthusiasm and great success in taking out his opponents. After his time in the Marines, he switched to the private sector and was quickly recruited by the Shadow Company, bringing the perfect blend of skill and moral flexibility.

Like the popular operator Ronin, Lerch is based on a real person, namely Tony Sentmanat:

Who is Tony Sentmanat?

Tony Sentmanat is from Miami and is, like Lerch, a former U.S. Marine and SWAT operator. Besides his military experience he is also a good martial arts fighter and worked as a firearms instructor for almost 20 years. In addition, he also specializes in fitness training, specifically martial arts training.

Warzone operator Lerch and Tony Setmanat

The original and the copy. Hard to tell which is which. (Image credit: Activision/Tony Sentmanat via Instagram)

In 2016 he ended his career as a SWAT operator and started his own company Real World Tactical. His company provides weapons and fitness training for both civilians and military or civil servants. They also offer product testing and law enforcement consulting.

Tu Lam, the template for Ronin, and Tony Sentmanat seem to have a lot in common. Both are military men that now have their own companies in the private sector and offer weapons training and consultancy.

Did you know Sentmanat before? We definitely didn't, but Infinity Ward seem to look for authentic role models for their operators. Can't say they aren't naling it thus far.

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