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New Call of Duty Leak at the Microsoft Store

Call of Duty
The Red Door

An entry to The Red Door has appeared at the Microsoft Store. The Red Door is the code name for the alpha of the new Call of Duty game, which makes this very curious. But what does this leak tell us exactly?

New Call of Duty Pops Up on the Microsoft Store

We've been waiting for an official announcement on the next Call of Duty series installment, but so far, all we've got are leaks and speculations. Leaks like this one.

We suspect that the new game will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and is some sort of reboot of the Black Ops series.

A little more than a month ago, a similar leak led us to believe that the internal alpha of the new Call of Duty is called The Red Door and is about 70GB in size.

There is now a title on the Microsoft Store that is titled The Red Door. The image is the same one we got with the initial leak and the title is listed as published by Activision, so it's safe to assume that this is exactly what it seems - a planned tease rather than an actual leak.

The Red Door entry
That's what you'll see if you go to the Microsoft Store right now. (Image credit: Microsoft)

The description is rather cryptic and typically dramatic for a Call of Duty title:

"There is more than one truth. If you go looking for answers, be ready to question everything and accept that nothing will ever be the same. The Red Door awaits, do you dare step through it?"

The only supported platform for The Red Door currently is the Xbox One. The required storage space is 81.65GB. That's basically two playlist updates for Modern Warfare. Nothing to be scared of.

By this time, with so many teases and leaks, info thrown around left and right, we'd expect something official to come up sooner than later. Saying it would though, is something we can't do as of now. We're just sitting and waiting like everybody else. If something does come up we will be there to tell you.

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