Tough spot to be in

Na'Vi fall to 0-2 at ESL Pro League Season 11

Big beat navi esl pro league short

BIG climb to first place in Group B of ESL Pro League Season 11. (Image credit: BIG Clan via Twitter)

Natus Vincere find themselves in deep trouble at ESL Pro League Season 11. The CIS team lost its second match in Group B and is bottom of the standings currently, under serious threat to get eliminated in the groups.

God s1mple, bot everyone else

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev had a game for which many can only dream of against BIG Clan yesterday night. The Ukrainian star finished the game with 81 kills – 40 above his best teammate on the day Denis “electronic” Sharipov and 29 more than BIG’s fragging leader Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz.

Of those 81 kills, 54 came on one map – Dust2. Fifty. Four. Natus Vincere still lost that map in double overtime, and the match as a whole after they had taken just 7 rounds on Nuke beforehand. I’m sure the post-game team talk was calm and collected all-around.

Complexity in shambles at ESL Pro League Season 11

The remaining two games in Group B were surprisingly actionless. Fnatic seemed like Global Elites next to Gold Novas in their meeting with Complexity Gaming. The international squad had already lost against the supposedly weakest team in the group, forZe, in their opener and this game felt like a must-win. The players either didn’t feel the same way or couldn’t do anything about it as they were mere observers of Fnatic’s routine 16-9; 16-6 victory.

When I said supposedly weakest team, what I meant is that forZe are now atop of the group alongside BIG. Na’Vi’s round one slayers – North, couldn’t bring on the same performance and lost in two maps without ever really challenging the CIS team – 16-10; 16-12 the final result.

The current state of ESL Pro League Season 11

After two rounds of play in each group the standings look like this:

Group A

  1. Ninjas in Pyjamas – 2-0
  2. Team Vitality – 2-0
  3. Team Spirit – 1-1
  4. Astralis – 1-1
  5. ENCE Esports – 0-2
  6. GODSENT – 0-2

Group B

  1. BIG Clan – 2-0
  2. forZe – 2-0
  3. Fnatic – 1-1
  4. North – 1-1
  5. Complexity Gaming – 0-2
  6. Natus Vincere – 0-2

The tournament will continue through the weekend without a break. The next fixtures that are scheduled for today take us back to Group A:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – GODSENT
  • Team Vitality – Team Spirit
  • Astralis – ENCE Esports

Group B will be back on Saturday. Do you believe Natus Vincere could actually bomb out in the group stage?

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