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Crank the amps to 11 cuz it’s time for some heavy metal

Kaldheim Week of Metal Begins TODAY

MTGA Kaldheim Release Date
RAAAAAAWL! (Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Kaldheim, the epic Viking-inspired set for Magic: The Gathering is here in all its heavy metal glory. Let's see what events are coming to MTGA and beyond!

Kaldheim is METAL! No, literally! Not only does this new set look like it’s coming straight up from an Amon Amarth album, but Wizards of the Coast are actively connecting the Viking themes with the same aesthetic found on black t-shirts and heavy albums the world over.


We gotta say, that’s pretty badass. Video games based on Norse mythology run the gamut from deep mysticism and enigmatic spiritual themes such as the brilliant Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, all the way up to absurd arcadey action such as the retro The Lost Vikings, and hit AAA titles like God of War and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fall somewhere in the middle between history, mythology, and cool video game stuff.

That’s why it’s amazing that Wizards opted to draw inspiration not only from the classic myths of Scandinavia but also from an artistic genre that popularized the whole thing - Heavy metal!

This is how the release schedule looks:

MTGA Kalheim events
This looks like a straight-up tour poster (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

There are tons of Kaldheim events to come.

Starting today, the Sneak Peek preview season will show off cards and build hype for the new gameplay, while also showcasing cool characters and places we’re about to meet.

Right at the beginning of 2021, on January 7, we’ll have a live launch show. We expect to see an extravaganza similar to Zendikar’s - with Sean Plott and Becca Scott exploring Kaldheim in the blistering cold while cracking terrible jokes and hyping up new products.

MTGA Kaldheim Art
Brutal! (Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

January 28 is the big day for Magic: The Gathering Arena when the set will be playable with all its Limited glory.

The very next day begins the Prerelease weekend in stores… well, at least the ones that will be open at the time.

February 5 is the official street date for the physical cards everywhere, so you could take a box home and draft with family and friends.

Put on your horned helmets, pour yourselves a horn of mead, and raise them battle axes to the sky, because all these frost giants ain’t gonna slay themselves. It’s time to rock!

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